Shocking Footage of Golf’s Civil War in Full Swing Season 2

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The explosive Netflix docuseries Full Swing is back for Season 2. From heated negotiations to locker room confrontations, get an uncensored, no-holds-barred look at how it all went down.

The gloves are finally off, and for golf fans it’s a confrontational dream come true. Netflix’s behind-the-scenes docuseries Full Swing returned for Season 2 on March 6th, giving a ringside view for the biggest brouhaha to hit the sport in decades.

At the heart of the mayhem is the explosive arrival of LIV Golf, the Saudi-backed tour that triggered all-out civil war by luring PGA Tour stars with ridiculous money. We’re talking hundreds of millions per player just to jump ship.

And the Full Swing cameras captured every bit of the ensuing clash. According to Netflix, the new episodes promise “cameras were there to glimpse how it unfolded behind closed doors through the eyes of those pulled into the controversies, conflicts and consequences no one saw coming.”

Phil Mickelson’s colossal $200 million defection? It’s all on film.
Raucous locker room confrontations? Behind that curtain too.
Secret backroom bargaining sessions to stop the bleeding? Full Swing was a fly on that wall.

But even if the bitter LIV vs PGA feud was golf’s biggest 2022 cliffhanger, it was far from the only drama. Full Swing also takes you inside the ropes at two epic showdowns between longtime rivals – the heated Presidents Cup matches and the Ryder Cup’s electric trans-Atlantic throw down in Italy.

From Mickelson and DJ leaving for the Saudi riches to Patrick Reed’s shocking defection in a moment of tour treachery, the PGA vs LIV battles were as compelling as any Ryder Cup thriller. With mic’d up golfers and unfettered behind-the-scenes access, Full Swing captures every tense locker room conversation and high-stakes negotiation.



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The PGA Tour has fired back with lucrative “elevated” events and suspensions for LIV golfers. Commissioner Jay Monahan and his counterparts clearly aren’t holding anything back, which means Full Swing almost certainly has all the juiciest uncut footage of golf’s nastiest feud spilling out from under closed doors.

So pour a stiff drink, kick back on the sofa and prepare to binge golf’s version of the TV heavyweight bout of the century. You’ll be stunned at how deep the Netflix crew could go as golf engaged in a full-blown melee that fractured the sport. Just don’t throw anything at your screen when the low blows inevitably start flying!

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